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Convert BIK to 3GP Direction - How to Convert BIK to 3GP

The following BIK to 3GP direction will give a detailed illustration on how to convert BIK to 3GP with Xlinksoft 3GP Video Converter. It will take just a few clicks to finish the BIK to 3GP conversion.

Convert BIK to 3GP - How to Convert BIK to 3GP (See Demo Below)

BIK to 3GP - Learn More About Converting BIK to 3GP

What is BIK?
Bink is a proprietary video file format (extension .bik) developed by RAD Game Tools and used primarily in computer games. It has been used in many games for Windows, Mac OS, Xbox 360, Xbox, GameCube, Wii, Playstation 3, PlayStation 2, Nintendo DS, and Sony PSP. The format includes its own video and audio codecs, supporting resolutions from 320×240 all the way up to high definition (HD) video. The codec places emphasis on lower decoding requirements over other video codecs with specific optimizations for the different computer game consoles it supports.

Convert BIK to 3GP - Why Choose Xlinksoft 3GP Video Converter

With the help og this excellent BIK to 3GP converter - Xlinksoft 3GP video converter - we can convert BIK to 3GP easily. BIK to 3GP conversion can be easily completed with this professional BIK to 3GP converter. This WMP to 3GP converter allows the users to convert WMP to 3GP in batch. The files can be draged directly to this WMP to 3GP converter directly. Xlinksoft 3GP Video Converter enables you to convert almost all video formats to 3GP. Prominent editing and preview functions are available.

Convert BIK to 3GP - Excellent Editing Function of BIK to 3GP Converter

convert videos to 3gp

Fully Support Windows 7!

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