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How to Convert WMV to M2V

WMV (Media Windows Video) is a common video format, but it is displayable on many players and portable devices. So it is necessary to convert WMV video to others. This guide is about converting WMV to M2V with Xlinksoft WMV Converter which is a professional WMV converter to convert WMV to M2V within a few seconds and great output quality.

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Xlinksoft WMV Converter is an excellent WMV to M2V converter which can convert WMV to M2V in fast speed and high quality. WMV to M2V conversion can be easily completed with this professional WMV converter.
This WMV to M2V converter is famous for its super speed, excellent file quality, powerful editting function when converting WMV to M2V.
Editing: great editing feature offers you. Set the start and end time to clip your favorite segment to convert. The volume of exported audio is adjustable: the sound of converted audio can be louder or lower than that of original one.
Drag-drop: it is possible to drag WMV files directly to the program window to convert.

WMV to M2V Converter Supports Formats

convert WMV to M2V

Fully Support Windows 7!

Learn More Before Converting WMV to M2V

Do you know M2V?
M2V is an MPEG-2 Packetized Elementary Stream. It contains only video related data.MPEG-2 video stream files are normally destined to be multiplexed (muxed), which is the process of adding audio data and perhaps other streams such as subtitles, before use. MPEG-2 stream files are created by demultiplexing (demuxing) an existing MPEG-2, or by converting another video format to MPEG-2.

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