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Is my order secure?

SWREG (who is the e-commerce partner for Xlinksoft) has an order process that is protected via a secure connection so that the data sent to the recipient can only be read by the recipient. Important information such as credit card numbers, addresses, etc. is sent to the recipient securely via the Internet.

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I lost my registration/activation code, how can I get it again?

If you lost your license code, please send e-mail to, and we will send it to you.

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What's your Refund Policy?

A 'try-before-buy' version lets you make the best purchase decision and make sure that the product is compatible with your computer system and meets all of your specific requirements. We also encourage you to explore the product web pages to obtain comprehensive product information before purchasing the full version.

Before you purchase a product, please choose carefully and make sure you buy the right program. Due that a downloaded program and its registration code cannot be taken back, we do not refund your order or change your product simply because you have made a wrong selection.

Additionally, a refund request will be rejected if we can change your program to another product which can fix the issue with the product itself.

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How to purchase the CD version?

CD version is just convenient for you to keep the source program and the regcode if you think it is necessary, it has nothing different with the downloaded version but burned on DVD disk, which charges $10 extra for the disk fee and postage.

Once your order has been processed successfully, a registration email will be sent to you within 24 hours. You can download a new version of our software from the URL we sent to you in the registration email to use the software before your CD finally arrives.We will ship via US Postal Service First Class mail (US) and Air Mail (overseas) within two business days after receiving your order. Please allow 3 weeks for delivery (US) or 4 weeks for delivery (overseas).

If you want to buy the CD version, after you click the "purchase" button, you will go to the purchase page. On that page, please click the "ADD". Then the CD version will be added automatically to your order.

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What does it mean the "Extended Download Service"?

This "Extended Download Service" is from Swreg. When you order a product, it is automatically added to your order. If you don't want it you can remove it before ordering.

Here we provide some infomation about the service:
From Swreg: " The Extended Download Service is offered by SWREG during the purchase of certain software products which require a download for full access or use. With this service, SWREG retains a copy of your download, for a period of a year, should you need it again in the event of loss, a computer crash, virus, etc."

If you buy it from Swreg, we suggest you click "" to remove it to save money.

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What's your Upgrade Policy?

Being a registered user of Xlinksoft Software , you are entitled to a free copy of any updates to this product.

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Do I need to re-register after I re-install the software?

Yes. You need to re-register after you re-install the software.

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I get a new computer, what should I do to move the software I purchased to the new computer?

No matter you have changed new computer or reinstall the operation system; you can always use your original registration information to register our software which you have purchased.

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