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The Urgency to Encrypt Image

encrypt image

It is urgent to encrypt image. Do you still ignore the security of your private images in the PC? Have you thought of the aftermath once your secret images leaked out? In the information age, image theft is everywhere. Once your secret image went public, with the propagation of internet, it would appear in every corner of the world and definitely will be a heavy burden for you to shoulder. What should you do to prevent the worst situation from happening?
Here are some tips for you.

First, don't let others put a hand on your PC. If there are some secret and private images in your PC, never let other people touch it. There is always possibility of leaking out as long as another intervention exists. However, once your PC need repaired, it is a bad idea to simply delete them or mark file attribute as "hidden".
With some recovery tools, it is not difficult to unveil it. What you need to do is to encrypt images.
Second, the best idea is to encrypt image. Once the image is encrypted, it will be as safe as being locked. Nobody can open or preview it without password. The password is like the key to the lock, nobody but yourself possess it.

How to Encrypt Image

The specialized picture encryption software that is made to encrypt image will do you good. Here is powerful and easy-to-use software named Xlinksoft Picture Encryption, which nearly contains all required function. The excellent merits of this encrypt image software.

1. Xlinksoft picture encryption software supports all image formats, such as BMP, JPG, JPEG, GIF, PNG, PSD, SVG and ICO file, TIF file, etc. The encrypted pictures were stored as jvx.
2. The encryption speed is very fast. The process of encrypting images can be finished in the blink of an eye.
3. Perfect Memory Function: the historical operations will be remembered, the output path will be stored and the pane size will be keep when the software is run the next time. Besides, it also has preview function.
4. Easy to encrypt image. What you should do takes three steps.
Step one: add images or image folders. Multi-files can be encrypted within one time.
Step two: click "encrypt" and select outpath
Step three: set the password and click "OK"
After the three steps, your secret image will be firmly locked. It never makes a fuss to encrypt your private images. The Xlinksoft picture encryption means more than software; it secures your privacy. With Xlinksoft picture encryption, you can enjoy your images to your heart's content.

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