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Image Encryption

image encryption

Do you still upload your private images to Facebook or Myspace without image encryption? Do you still keep private images in your PC under no image encryption? If the answer is yes, then your privacy is not far from being leaked out.
Cyber spies is everywhere, they keep their eyes glued on us and shadowed us permanently. If you are not cautious, your after-bath image might be the desktop of a strange man's computer the next day. In the cyber era, our private images are at risk. Facebook provides a wonderful community to show off your charm and glamour and also a fine community to make friends, however, it make your privacy beyond control. Your images habits and deeds are transparent for them. It seems that we're hiding nothing from them.

What a terrible paradox. I want to exhibit my images with my friend but my images are not desirable to be view by an unwanted man. What should I do to protect my images? There are a few ways to conceal image files from someone else's eyes. First of all try such a simple and ancient method as manual shielding of the monitor from the enemy's eyes using your own body, hands or cloth; also there are other, more serious ways. For example, the most common and unsafe way is to mark file attribute as "hidden" for a file you want to protect. But you know that this is the dusty answer because it could be just a naive beginner who takes on trust that trick.

Image Encryption-Another Way to Encrypt Images

Another way is to use some intricate programs for image encryption, i.e. setting passwords for your images or restricting of access to files for unauthorized users. Xlinksoft Picture Encryption software is the very software that meets your demands of image encryption.

Xlinksoft Image Encryption Tool

Xlinksoft Picture Encryption is professional image encryption software which can encrypt all image formats like BMP, JPG, JPEG, GIF, PNG and ICO file, TIF file, etc. It provides perfect function of image encryption. It's the easy-to-use picture encryption software that can encrypt and decrypt nearly all types of images with few limits. Changing the background color of interface is available and setting the output path is also up to you. High speed download and safe install without any plug-ins and viruses.

Xlinksoft Picture Encryption Rocks!!
It supports image encryption of all formats: BMP, JPG, JPEG, GIF, PNG and ICO, TIF file, etc. Whatever image formats will be encrypted as .jvx format. There is no limit to use it. It can not only deal with single image encryption but image batches at the same time. You can add single images as well as image folders. It can handle a ton of them at a time, which saves your precious time.

Xlinksoft Picture Encryption is very user-friendly - even a computer novice can use it without direction. The following image is the interface of it. What you need to do is just to add files, click "encrypt" and input the password. You don't even bother to open the main program to decrypt images. Just double-click the encrypted image, the encryption and decryption dialog box will handle it.

image encryption

Xlinksoft Picture Encryption is awesome. You don't need to decrypt images back to their original format if you want to preview them. Just double-click the encrypted images, input correct password, and enjoy watching them by press "<-" and "->" key.
Xlinksoft Picture Encryption Rocks!! It provides the highest level of security. The encryption is impossible to bypass! A computer master has tried 45 min to crack it but finally gave up. Nobody can get access to the encrypted images without password. You can share the encrypted images with your friends as along as you offer them the image encryption password.
Xlinksoft Picture Encryption is unique. It contains unique password list. You don't have to input the different password every time, just add the password to the list. It makes image encryption preview extremely easy!
It is the best seller. Why not give it a try? One license of image encryption software is valid in 2 PCs. Give it a try, you have 7 days to use it for free.
Free download this image encryption tool now

Detail instructions for the above interface:
1: Add File here, three easy ways of adding files:
a. click "Add File", select the files one by one or select several files by pressing Ctrl / Shift.
b. double-click your mouse in blank field, and select the files.
c. drag the files directly.
2: Delete the files that you have selected.
3: Delete all the files which you have added in.
4: Add the files first, and then encrypt them.
5: Decrypt the encrypted files.
6: Set the languages, background color, operation and mode of password display.

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