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Photo Encryption Methods

The conventional way of photo encryption is to compress photos or photo folders by winrar software, which can compress photos to .rar package within minimum time. In the open "archive name and parameters" window, click the "Advanced" tab, then click "Set Password" button, and enter your password in "archive with the password" window. Press the "OK" button to return to "archive name and parameters" window again and then press the "OK" button for photo encryption. But when you want to view the pictures, you need to enter the password, and then extract the file to view the pictures. Do not forget to delete the decompressed pictures in time; otherwise, privacy is no longer a secret.

Is there a simpler way to do that? Xlinksoft give you a definite answer, you need neither worry about compression or decompression of photos, nor keep on reminding yourself to delete the source files; because you can view encrypted pictures without compressing or decompressing them. All needed for photo encryption is just a password.

Encrypt Your Photos-Photo Encryption

Download and install the Xlinksoft picture encryption software; draw photos or photo folders to the interface of this photo encryption software, and then encrypt your photo files. Click "Encrypt", enter your password, choose the output path and then the encryption process will be completed within a few seconds. The efficiency will be enhanced triple times. You will find that your photo format has been encrypted as .jvx.

Unique Preview Features of This Photo Encryption Software

What is more important is to view the encrypted photos. First, double-click the encrypted images, then a window telling you to enter a password is displayed; you only need to enter a password, and then preview photos.

You may find that all pictures encrypted with the same password can be viewed. Don't worry, your photos will not be copied. Your photos will not be opened as long as you close the preview window before you leave the computer. Of course, the password needs to be input next time.

The size of photo can be adjusted according to the preview window. It is as simple as checking the unencrypted photos. The photo switching can be achieved by control key.

Double-buffering technology is used in the process of previewing photos, which is much faster and avoid excessive screen flicker. Finally you can indulge yourself in the totally private space.

Hope this photo encryption software can help you to protect your photos.

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