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Web Video Creator: Help Center - FAQ

1.What are the differences between the trial version and the registered version?

The trial version converts at most 5 minutes of the file. Only half file will be processed if the video less than 5 minutes. The registered version has no time limitation. If you want to continue using this software, please order and register the software.

2.What is the preset program?

Preset program is a series of settings. If you have many videos which need the same setting, you can set first and save them as a new scheme. Just select the scheme next time you publish video. You can also delete the schemes.

3.What is the playlist mode?

When you choose the playlist mode, only one .html file is created and files are displayed in a list. Otherwise corresponding quantities of .html files will be created according to the number of videos you selected. See the example below: example

4.How to customize output player?

There is a group of buttons to adjust the player's skin. You can adjust background color, foreground color, and the color of buttons which at activated state. Window size is adjustable. List dimension is also resizable. Rich play modes are available. Just choose the suitable options in the drop-down menu.

5.What is GUID?

A globally unique identifier or GUID is a special type of identifier used in software applications to provide a reference number which is unique in any context (hence, "globally"), for example, in defining the internal reference for a type of access point in a software application, or for creating unique keys in a database. While each generated GUID is not guaranteed to be unique, the total number of unique keys is so large that the probability of the same number being generated twice is extremely small.
See one GUID here: 9C4E44F2-7AB9-41BF-ABE583E9BD24965A.

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